40’s – 50’s – 60’s Windows
Double Hung Window 2120 x 1350  $480
Double Hung Window measuring 2120 W x 1350 H.
( Code 1 A & 1 B )
There are two windows. Price is for each. $480
Painted White outside and Yellow inside.
In very good condition.

40’s – 50’s – 60’s Doors

90’s – 2000’s Windows
Awning or Hopper Anodised Aluminium Laminated Glass Windows $350 or $300 x 6
( Code B1 -6 )
Fantastic swivel anodised aluminium laminated glass windows. They swivel either vertical or horizontal. Awning or Hopper opening.
Measure: 1830 w x 1185 h. This could also be the other way around due to the versatile construction of these windows.
Painted black would look amazing, with many uses including a Glass House.
The glass is shatter proof. The aluminium is Gold in colour. Would also look lovely as they are. Windows do need a wash.